Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Month Birthday, Katie!!

It is hard to believe, but Katie is 2 months old today. To me, it seems like much longer. When I look back on our time in Duke, it is almost like a lifetime has passed since her diagnosis and those first unstable, uncertain weeks. My days at home with her now are both surreal and “normal.” I am so happy she is here and that I can touch her anytime I want to, pick her up and move her anywhere without lines to maneuver or monitors to trigger. Some days, aside from the rounds of medication, I even forget that there was ever anything wrong with her.

I am still very emotional about her CDH. Early on, I would not let myself read any of the statistics or information. I just felt like, “Okay, she is here and this is what we are dealing with, so tell me how we are going to fix it.” Now that she is recovering, I have been able to research CDH and have also read so many blogs of other families dealing with this horrible diagnosis. I cannot get through any of them, those with good outcomes or bad, without crying. In each situation I either see Katie, or I see what could have happened to her. That first night we were so close to losing her and I didn’t even know it. I wouldn’t even have been there with her! I am so thankful for her life and I appreciate every moment of these last two months that I have been able to spend with her!!!

Katie had quite an eventful weekend. We suspended our strict visitation policy briefly, to allow her some special outings. We took her to church for the first time, which meant so much to Andy and I. She could have cared less though, since she slept the entire time in her car seat. Everyone at church really seemed to enjoy seeing her (from a polite distance). Most remarked how healthy she looks and how hard it is to believe she was so sick. Our other outing was to celebrate the great occasion of Katie’s great-grandma Harmon’s 85th birthday. We didn’t stay too long but it was wonderful for most of our family to get to meet Katie for the first time. Here is a picture of Katie and the birthday girl!!

Katie and Michael are so blessed to still have 4 living great-grandparents. That is something that most children do not have the benefit of. I hope that they will always value the wisdom and life experiences of their elders!

Tonight I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the lives of both of my children, and I also pray for all those parents who may not have had the chance to celebrate a Happy 2nd Month Birthday with their child.



  1. Beth, You, Andy, Katie, and Michael all continue to be in our prayers. Your fatih and endurance is truely inspiring to us all. I like most have said, can't believe how healthy Katie looks despite knowing how sick she was and how far she has come. I know it is God's blessing that she is doing so well, and because He chose such wonderful parents for her.

  2. Happy Birthday Ms. Katie! She's getting even more beautiful! :) I share in your prayers of thanksgiving every day!