Saturday, February 20, 2010

10 months and growing!

Katie had her 10 month check-up on Tuesday and everything went very well. First, she met with Dr. Gustafson to thoroughly evaluate her development to this point. CDH babies, or really any babies who spend a long time in the NICU, are more likely to suffer delays to their physical, mental, or social development. This testing lasted over an hour and consisted of playing lots of games with Katie and introducing new ideas/problems to her to see how she reacted or problem-solved. We were pleased to find out that she scored at or above her age group for all areas. Yay Katie!! Next we went to our regular clinic visit with Dr. Benjamin. She was so glad to see how well Katie was growing and developing. Katie now weighs 18 lbs. 11 ounces (just under 50th percentile) and she is 27 inches long(25th percentile). She is taking liquids and stage 2 solids well. We seemed to have escaped the big worries of the winter: severe colds, flu, and RSV. In fact, her breathing was so much improved that we will no longer have to do her steroid nebulizer treatments that we were doing twice a day. Here is Katie with Dr. Benjamin. We LOVE her and are soooooo sad that this was our last visit with her. But we wish her well and appreciate all that she has done for us!!!
Finally, we made our way over to the familiar ICN where we visited with some of the great staff and we got to meet Jennifer Holmes, mom to new CDH baby Charlie. We took her out for a gourmet ;-) lunch down in the cafeteria and shared our experiences. The Holmes family is the 12th family to call Parker's house home and we wish them the best. So far, so good! Charlie had his repair surgery yesterday and it sounds like he is doing quite well. Go see their CaringBridge site and support them in this journey:


  1. GO KATIE! Woohoo!!!!! Sooooo happy all is going well for her, what a doll baby! Secretly she's Jaime's girlfriend even if she does have almost 2lbs on him, he's still got an inch on her! ;)
    Hope you're feeling better and taking it easy!
    Hugs to all of you!
    Love ya,
    Sheryl (and Jaime, too)

  2. glad the CDH clinic went well. those appts. wear us out. so glad you wont have to do the nebulizer treatments anymore. Katie looks great and is so adorable!