Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CDH Awareness Day 2010

Thank you to so many of our family and friends that participated to raise awareness for CDH! We had such amazing support from everyone. We personally made and distributed over 200 ribbons in the last few days and everywhere I looked today was a sea of turquoise! Enjoy the pictures:

This is one of the flyers that we made and placed around various places to remind people to wear turquoise for National CDH Awareness Day.
This is Taylor, Katie's cousin who is showing her support by wearing turquoise. Check out her awesome turquoise shoes!!!
This is some of the faculty and staff of LaFayette Elementary School. This is one of the schools that Beth works at. Our family has certainly felt their love and support!

Some of the Faculty and staff of Triton High School. These are Andy's coworkers who have joined us in worry, care, prayer, and thankgiving for Katie.
Katie got to meet Kendall, a 16 year old L-CDH survivor that was born June 27, 1993 at our local hospital. She was undiagnosed prior to birth (like Katie) and was air-lifted a few hours after birth to UNC. She is now a healthy honor roll student at Andy's high school where she is also the catcher for the softball team!
Aunt Nora and her coworkers at Coats medical Clinic

These are Michael's classmates and teachers at Judy's learning center.
Uncle J.P. Aunt Denise, and Mrs Nancy. We thank all of our family, friends, and coworkers who wore Turquoise today. Today has been designated Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day, however, we are painfully aware of what CDH is and how it devastates children and their families. We are proud to promote CDH awareness not just today but every day!

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