Saturday, April 10, 2010

Katie is ONE year old!

What a year it has been! We thank the Almighty for His immeasurable blessings over the past 365 days. It seems strange that something can seem so painfully recent, yet eons ago. One year ago today we stood by the bedside of our second child, but first daughter, and held hands as we prayed for her survival. To see to her small and frail body invaded by so many machines, tubes, and hoses and face the terrible uncertainty of ANY future for her was terribly trying on our hearts and souls.

In the time since her birth, we have watched our darling endure ventilators, surgery, narcotics withdrawal, feeding aversions, reflux, physical therapy, and a lengthy recovery. Not only did Katie survive but she is thriving!

No longer is she plagued with medications or regular treatments of any kind. Rather, she has learned to walk and nearly run! She has learned to eat almost anything we place in front of her! She has replaced those unmistakable facial expressions of pain and discomfort with an almost constant smile! Likewise her cries and whimpers have been replaced with angelic laughter and girly giggles.

Presently little Katie is fighting an Upper Respiratory infection, but is doing quite well! We have her official Birthday Party planned for a later date due to scheduling conflicts, however we could not let this special day pass without some type of celebration, so Beth picked up a small cake and we had the grandparents over.

Enjoy the pictures of our precious Katie as she learns what to do with her own piece of cake!


  1. ADORABLE! What a year it has been! Happy Birthday!
    Love all of the pics!
    Hugs to all!

  2. Thanks for contacting me via my blog I love hearing success stories and it's so nice to see the smiling photos of your daughter.

    Lisa Razza