Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 29--May 8, 2009

This evening as I exited the elevator from the parking deck and walked into the RT level, I looked for my old friend. Let me explain. Very early on in our adventure here I stepped out of that exact same elevator to begin the long walk through the rapid transit tunnel to the bottom of the hospital. One day as I started this familiar trek something caught my eye through a window located over the rapid transit shuttle. Keep in mind that his window is probably 15 -20 feet off of the floor, and is used more for a source of day light than for looking through. As I peered at this familiar object, which was indeed a typical everyday power/telephone pole with the typical everyday cross arms on it, I noticed that the way it was “framed” in the large window opening it looked very much like a cross.I have often stopped and reflected a minute on what this creosote and splinter covered log means. To many it is merely a utility pole, a nondescript piece of electrical hardware. To me on those very first days here, in its perspective through the window opening, it was a reminder of Christ’s love for me and all others in the world. It may sound cheesy to most, but to me it was instantly a sign that everything was going to be alright. Since that time, whenever I enter the RT level, and it’s light out, I look for my old friend and thank God that this little reminder is here. I took a picture of this symbol of love and hope today to share with you. It is merely a piece of lumber put to use carrying power. The cross that our Lord and savior was so cruelly crucified on was also merely a piece of lumber put to use. Likewise, it to was also carrying power. This power needs no cables or lines of aluminum or copper to reach its destination. On a daily basis I know that the power of his healing touch is reaching or little Katie. I also know that his power of perseverance and strength have been flowing into Beth and I. I know that his power for compassion and empathy has been flowing into the scores of people that will read this. I know that his powerful love can only be exceeded by his power for forgiveness. Katie has made no significant advances today, and has actually eaten much less from a bottle. Nevertheless she continues to grow in character every day. I honestly believe that she knows the voices, the touch, the smell, and even the love of her mother and I. She is such a joy to be around that it is hard to leave her. She will be officially one month old tomorrow (today for many of you reading this), and she has begun to be somewhat interactive. Once or twice tonight I actually got a “coo” or two. That will make a grown man’s heart melt. At least mine did. I feel the power of so many things these days. I know that too many right things have happened for it to just be happen-stance. I can feel the power of love from my wife, my son, my daughter, my family, you, and most importantly my God!2 Samuel 22:33 “God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.” This way may not be the way that we wanted, but it is the path that God chose for Beth and I to take. We will gladly walk this road hand in hand until we reach the destination that God would have us reach. He will grant us the power, and it flows though His power line!

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