Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 41--May 20, 2009

Katie’s Story went on the Road today! We are now updating you on her condition from the comfort of our own home! It feels so good to have my wife, my son, and now my daughter with me in our home!

As we were leaving I called my mom and dad and told them that we were leaving Duke with Katie and that she was now wireless and tubeless, but covered in cuteness! Today is six weeks to the day that Katie was born. And interestingly enough it was nearly six weeks to the hour that the decision was made to send her to Duke! We left the parking lot at 4:00 pm on the dot! Katie slept the whole way home!

Let me back up a bit. This morning as I opened the garage door to back our trailblazer out, I heard a familiar and booming voice shout from a distance, “Hello Mr. Andy!” When I looked for the origin of this early morning greeting, I was pleased to discover that it was Frank Harmon, Bennie’s brother. He had come down from Broadway to help Mr. Bennie work on the little rental house across the horse pasture. All the while knowing the answer, he asked “where are you going?” I quipped right up that “I have heard that they are giving away little girls at Duke today from the scratch and dent section, and that I think I’ll go get me one. Do you want me to pick you one up while I’m there?” Of course having grown children of his own, he gracefully declined with a chuckle.

This small interaction between family and friend set the jovial tone for the remainder of my day. As Beth and I drove the 6+/- miles to take Michael to daycare there was an almost tangible feel of excitement and anticipation in our car. Michael was even taking part in our little “joy” ride. Once we had deposited him into the capable and caring hands of Mrs. Judy West, we headed for Durham. Along the way we made a brief stop at Target to get some much needed supplies that we had not been able to pick up lately. Items like diapers, wipes, those special little bottle nipples that we did not have, and of course that cute little onesie that Beth could not pass up for the price! Within half an hour we were back on the road.

When we got to the TCN the place was buzzing in anticipation of our departure. There were people there to see us off, and give us our updated appointment cards, provide yet more documents to sign, etc. One of the first things we were able to do was to feed little Katie. In three days time she has gone from reluctantly eating 30-35ccs to eagerly suckling down as many as 65ccs! Her thrush is nearly gone, and she is not afraid to work over a bottle of “Mother’s Finest.”

Once our morning feeding was over we were sent to the hospital pharmacy to pick up Katie’s considerable prescription. No kidding it took a paper grocery bag to carry it all in! I will try to take a picture of the small pharmacy that we brought home and send it out tomorrow for you all to see. We are not complaining though, if this is what it takes to bring her home, we’ll take it.

We were met at home by our parents, Michael, and plenty of pink balloons and several yellow ribbons. It was a wonderful homecoming! Michael was pretty excited to meet his little sister and spent several brief minutes to look her over before attempting to rock her. Then it was off to play. Pretty much he was content just to play near her this evening unless she cried then he was ready for us to pick her up and do something.

This was just what Beth and I have waited for. Hopefully Katie’s Story will now begin to become somewhat boring, So here is what I propose. Rather than clutter your inboxes with reports of “she’s doing fine” I will continue to give daily updates for the next week by e-mail, then all updates will be posted to her blog site unless you specifically request an e-mailed version.

We thank each and every one of you for your support through this adventure. Thank you for reading the volumes of my ramblings. Thank you for your prayers, your tears, and the compassion that you have shown to my family. There will be no way that Beth and I can ever repay each of you for efforts. Please continue to pray as we now embark on the next series of adventures with the very frequent follow up visits with her regular pediatrician and Duke. We will be traveling as much as twice a week for visits in the near future.

God Bless! And we Love you all!


  1. Uncle Andy I am so glad that Katie has came home. She is the cutie's baby ever. So glad she is doing better and that the famliy are all back at home. Love you guys. CJ

  2. Congratulations! We are praying for your family as you all adjust to having Miss Katie home. We look forward to meeting her soon.

  3. This is the most wonderful news I've heard all week! I'm so happy for your family! I pray that you continue to be blessed.
    Amy McDonald

  4. I am so glad you have her home, and I know Micheal will do a great job with all of his "Big Borther" duties. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Even though it has been a long time since we have seen each other, (David and I haven't been very active this past year with the re-enactment group)you haven't been far from our thoughts these past 6 weeks. Katie is beautiful and I am so happy for you all that she is finally at home.

  5. Beth and Andy and Michael
    I am sooo happy to know you are at home. I have been hearing about baby Kate from you co-worker Steve Matthews. Please know that I have thought of you often and admire your sincere Christian testmonies.
    God bless you
    Janice Barefoot