Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 43--May 22, 2009

Katie’s story today began around 3:00 am, when she woke up for her first feeding of the day. We already had her milk prepared so it was only a minute before I had her scooped up and eating. Since it was the middle of the night, and apparently Katie wanted to go back to sleep as badly as daddy, I could only manage to get her to take about 37ccs. Once she had her fill of the bottle she quickly dropped back off to sleep. Being super dad, I changed her diaper, and re-swaddled her into a tight little roll, and gently placed her back in her warm cozy basinet by Beth’s side of the bed.

This adorable and sleepy little girl did not get up again until around 7:00 am. She has already beaten Michael’s record! We had to get up twice a night with him. At the 6 o’clock feeding Katie quickly consumed 60ccs like it was nothing! Over the course of the day she regularly took over 50ccs per feeding. Once she even took 83ccs! That is nearly 3 ounces! It is amazing how far she has come in just five or six days.

Katie also had an appointment today to see her pediatrician for the first time. This visit yielded some interesting information. For the first time since Katie was born she has met her birth weight. Today she weighed 8 pounds one and a half ounces. Way to go girl!

As far as those percentile things go, Katie is in the 10 percentile for weight and 25 percentile each for length and head circumference. She is little but she is growing. The best part is that she is growing at home.

Feedings have gone well and we have already exceeded the minimum daily intake that we were required to get in her either by mouth or by n-g tube. I don’t think we will need those n-g tube supplies! Thank God!

Sorry this update is so brief, but little Miss Katie has decided it is time to eat again!

Andy and Beth

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