Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 46--May 25, 2009

What a wonderful weekend. It has been great being at home as a family for our first weekend together! We even got to so some grilling! Michael likes to help me with the outside cooking. Mostly he reminds me how hot that grill is and to not touch it, then he rides his “motorcycle” (tricycle) up and down the porch. Either way he is still with me and that is what seems to matter to him. He is my buddy and I love him!

With that said, those big brown eyes of his have begun to turn a bit green……with jealousy. Granted he is perfectly fine most of the time, but we had the three day weekend and he was with us all day every day, except for Cousin Drew’s birthday party, Happy Birthday buddy!! I am sorry that Katie, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Andy couldn’t make it! We’ll be there next year!

Anyway, since Michael has been able to spend so much time around us and Katie, he has picked up on the fact that she is now using some of his old things, and that is WAY NOT COOL! He keeps reminding us that these are his blankets, and his old toys NOT Katie’s. He has also decided that some of the things that have been given to Katie are his. He even tries to lie on that “boppy pillow” thing with her because it is “his.” We have also noticed especially today that when he cries for whatever reason he wants us to hold him. Once tonight he wanted Beth to hold the both of them at the same time while they were crying.

He did spend quite a bit of time in my lap today. He was on the right side and Katie was on the left. I know that this will pass, but we are making great strides to spend as much time with him as possible. Of course I was as happy as can be to have them both on my lap at the same time! I think that we will mow the grass tomorrow if it is not raining. He loves to ride the lawnmower and tractor with daddy.

Katie is doing remarkably well. She is taking her medications fairly easily. Most of them we can mix with her milk, and as long as we mix it with a small enough amount of milk to ensure she gets it all, things go smoothly. We then just let her finish the remainder of the milk when the medicated milk is empty. We have to use two containers but just switch the nipple. For us this is easier and more effective that trying to convince her to swallow all of those different medications directly from syringes.

She sleeps very well at night and I have been exceptionally pleased. Last night she slept from 11:00 pm last night until 5:00 am this morning! Then she started the day off right by downing 90ccs (three ounces) of milk!

Today with Michael has reminded me just how basic sin is. Let me explain. Before you all get riled up, I don’t think that Michael was sinning today. He is not old enough to know better. My point is that nobody had to teach him to be jealous or covetous. For grown folk this would be breaking one of the great Ten Commandments. As one of my dear church friends told me once, “no one teaches a child to steal and cookie, and then lie about it. It is ingrained in humans from birth to be imperfect.” That is what makes God so great! He forgives us of our many faults and shortcomings, just as any parent forgives their child who spills the milk or breaks a glass after you’ve told them to stop what ever it was that they were doing. After all, accidents happen. We do not have to be perfect, just forgiven.

The fundamental difference, and yet a striking similarity, between Christians and children is that we become held accountable when we know the difference between right and wrong. As adults and followers of Christ’s teachings we must always strive to do what we know or feel is right, not just right but Godly. Unlike children, which upon a certain age or developmental level begin to associate right and wrong based on the proximity of their parents, our Heavenly Father sees everything we do, say, and even feel or think. There is no “around the corner,” “behind the barn,” or at a “friends house.”

Sin is just as basic for adults as it is for children. Christians also mature with age. Many new converts spend the earliest part of their walk with God learning the path. Sin and temptation are just as real to them as that cookie jar is for Michael. The difference for Christians is the cognition to know the difference between right and wrong, and the commitment to our “Father” to listen to his direction and willingly follow his teachings.

Before I close today’s update I would be amiss if I did not take this opportunity to remind people that very few people have ever offered to die for you. One was Jesus Christ, and the others are the American Service Men and Women who are right now putting their lives on the line to preserve our freedoms and to grant those same freedoms to other less fortunate nations. I am sure that each one of them has at some point prayed “that this cup be passed from their lips,” but yet they continue, each one a volunteer. We may not all agree about WHY, but we must all agree to support our men and women in Uniform.

I also give a sincere and heart felt thank you to all of the men and women past and present who have given of themselves to make our country great. Thank you for your patriotism, pride, bravery, and dedication to keep America free. I salute all of the fallen for their ultimate sacrifice. I pray that the Almighty will provide peace to their loved ones.

Happy Memorial Day!

Andy and Beth

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