Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 47--May 26, 2009

In some ways the past seven weeks have seemed to slowly drag by. In other ways, at least in retrospect, it has seemed to fly by. I can honestly say that his has been one of the most emotional periods of my life. Never before have I felt such heartache, grief, despair, loneliness, or helplessness coupled with hope, faith, encouragement, and love. Emotional Rollercoaster does not come close to adequately express the ups and downs and/or the speed at which they came. However, through it all Beth and I have known that we were blessed beyond compare.

We were, and are blessed daily with the presence of our Lord. We were and are blessed with the love of our families. We were and are blessed each and every day through your kind words of encouragement, hope, offers of assistance, and generous gifts.

We are pleased to once again report that Katie has had another wonderful day. She is eating well, far exceeding the minimum requirement prescribed by her doctors. She sleeps well. As a matter of fact she slept from 11:00pm last night until 6:00 am this morning. What else could we ask for?

We are getting a handle on the medications and have developed a pretty effective schedule for their administration. While things are not “back to normal,” this is quickly becoming the new “normal.” Beth and I will continually be learning how to juggle work, home, church, children, and of course time for each other. These are conditions faced by any new parent. Therefore we have come to consider ourselves and our family now as “normal.”

Since today is actually one week from our arrival at home, this will be the last daily update on Katie. “Katie’s Story” has not ended. It has really only just begun. This only concludes the first chapter. I will continue to update her website with new information when noteworthy events happen, or as we are led by God’s sometimes subtle messaged to us. If you want an e-mail sent directly to you whenever and update is posted send me a direct e-mail and I will add you to any future mailings.

As far as “Katie’s Story” goes, Beth and I are considering taking it one step further. It has been suggested by numerous people on numerous occasions to compile “Katie’s Story” and have it bound as a book. Perhaps with some help from some of my more literate friends we will be able to do just such a thing. Currently the plan is to pretty much leave the e-mail journal as it was originally written and add lead up information, supporting information, and photos that were omitted. If this publication comes to fruition, we would like to see it placed in hospitals where future families of CDH babies can have at least one family’s perspective and experience with their CDH child. We would also like to share the news of our faith in the Almighty which has supported us through this ordeal.

This is a bittersweet e-mail for me. This labor of love that has driven me daily has come to a well deserved end. However I will miss the daily connection with each of you. To those of you who forward this on to others, I thank you. To all of you whom we have never met, thank you for taking time each day to follow “Katie’s Story.” Thank you all for everything!

God Bless you all!

Andy and Beth

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  1. I think a book is a great idea. Not only will your story inspire families with a CDH child, but families in general. Your faith has inpsired me as well as others, to be a better parent, christian, and friend. Much love and prayers all of you.