Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael holding his little sister on the dune.

As the grace of God is ever sufficient, he has seen fit to shine his good graces upon my wife's grandparents. They have recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. In celebration of that wonderful occasion the entire family went to Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach South Carolina and spent some time together. Yesterday was the culminating event with all 15 of us being picked up in a stretch Hummer Limo and driven around Myrtle Beach while the guests of honor took a ride (in style) down memory lane with their children, grandchildren, and of course two great grandchildren (Michael and Katie).

After a nice meal at a prominent local restaurant the entire group donned white shirts and khaki pants and headed off to the sand dunes and sea oats for a large group family photo. The photographer did a wonderful job at keeping 14 sweating and impatient adults and two squirming children focused through dozens and dozens of snap shots. Also during the session each family pod got to have some individual poses snapped. We'll share the professional shots when they come in. While some of the others were taking their photos we snapped a couple impromptu shots with our little digital camera. We wanted to share a few with you.

Walking on the Beach as a family.

Our family with Beth's Parents, Bennie and Joan Harmon.

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