Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

Katie and Michael are not old enough to appreciate the fact that they have four living grandparents and four living great grandparents. These are the same people who gave up their time and money to move to Parker's house and keep Michael, run supplies up and down the interstate, feed our farm animals, mow our grass, and generally help us through the most trying time in our lives.
Each of these people are selfless and wonderful providers for our children. We can't thank them enough.
In order to celebrate grandparents day, Beth and I invited all of them to lunch today. We were very glad to see everyone. Mr Bennie's mother Elizabeth Harmon could not make it, and we missed her.
We also love to entertain guests and really enjoy seeing our dining room table full of family, friends, and loved ones. This picture was taken after we had all eaten our fill of a wonderful Sunday lunch.

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  1. Wow, I just found your blog...AMAZING! Jaime and Katie are 7 days apart and BOTH are right-sided CDH'ers! CRAZY!!!!
    Jaime spent 93 days in the NICU in Cincinnati, extubated at 41 days old (as old as Katie was when she went home...OK, I'm jealous!)
    So happy all is going "well" to date! Congrats...glad I found another RCDH'er out there!
    Take care,
    (Mom to Jaime RCDH-4/16/09)