Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is the Cole family circa 1862 minus daddy who is behind the camera. I (Andy) have been a Civil War reenactor for nearly 15 years. Beth joined me in this hobby shortly after I began. We have enjoyed traveling and participating in living histories and battle reenactments. Our involvement has taken us to many states and battle sites, including Canada.
Michael has been an active part since he was born, portraying the typical child of the time period. We were very pleased this past weekend to be able to introduce Katie to the hobby that has meant so much to our family. We have had to be very careful in regards to exposing her to contagions, so we strategically placed her well beyond reach of spectators and would-be fondlers. She is very much a "look but don't touch" part of our historical impressions.
She was very much a hit with spectators and reenactors alike. We are members of the 1st North Carolina Volunteers/11th North Carolina State Troops. This past weekend we participated in a living history at Fort Macon State Park, in Atlantic Beach.
This will probably be her last significant outing before the mandatory winter "hibernation" during the Flu and RSV season. This "hibernation" is recommended for all CDH babies.

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  1. I am so sad that we couldn't make it to see the wonderful Cole Family this weekend. Looks like you had quite a fun time! My Grandfather was stationed at Ft.Macon in WWII when they were using it to search the coast for German U-boats.