Monday, July 27, 2009

Dedicated to the Lord!

We have been a bit slow in providing updates, but the life of an agriculture teacher is quite hectic during the summers. I spend a lot of time at camps, workshops, conventions, and conferences. So forgive the delay!

Beth and I had Katie dedicated to the Lord on July 12th. If you have read any of "Katie's Story" you will undoubtedly know that we had given her to the Lord from conception, especially during the trying times while awaiting the repair and recovery periods at Duke. However we decided to make it official and do the paper work.

Since Katie's story was so widely distributed, we have gotten several requests to share her "story" as a testimony at several churches. We feel obliged to accept the invitations in order to share not just her story and the miracle of her life, but also those of other CDH babies everywhere. This has provided a great outlet for us to recount the many blessings that the Almighty has showered upon our family, as well as parallel Katie's experiences with some of the trials of being Christians.

We made a 38 slide power point and used a data projector to share images of our journey. Pictures are worth a thousand words. As an experienced classroom teacher, I can pick up on when people are bored or when they begin to lose focus. There were few dry eyes and absolutely no clock watchers or nappers! Katie's story is truly a remarkable and powerful testimony of God's healing and mercy.

After the service and dedication we retired to the church fellowship hall for a wonderful covered dish meal and time spent with family and friends. All in all a great day!

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